Investments, Fees & Expenses

How will my contributions be invested?

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When you open an account you must designate a particular investment option. You can choose from four age-based, eight static, and two customized investment options.

  • Age-based investment options automatically reallocate account funds to be weighted less in equity funds and more in fixed-income funds and/or the FDIC-insured savings account as your beneficiary ages.
  • Static investment options remain in the stated allocation unless you request an investment option change.
  • Customized investment options allow you to design your own customized asset allocation from the available underlying investments.

As an account owner, you should choose the investment option best suited to your risk and return tolerance relative to when your beneficiary expects to enter college. Learn more about UESP’s investment options.


Can I change the investment option in my account?

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Yes. However, federal law allows you to change your investment for existing funds in an account within the same 529 plan only twice per calendar year for the same beneficiary.


What fees and expenses are associated with a UESP account?

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UESP does not charge fees for enrollment, withdrawals, investment option changes, or transfers. However, accounts are charged the following:

  • Underlying fund operating expense ratios are charged by the mutual fund company for each underlying Vanguard and Dimensional mutual fund.There are no underlying investment expense ratios assessed on the FDIC-insured accounts. The underlying investment expense ratio for the Public Treasurers' Investment Fund is 0.005 percent, which UESP pays in full. UESP reserves the right to discontinue or limit paying the underlying investment expense ratio on the Public Treasurers' Investment Fund after giving notice to affected account holders. (For more information, see Underlying Fund Operating Expense Ratios.)
  • UESP Administrative Asset Fee is an annual fee of 0.11 to 0.20 percent, depending on the selected investment option. This fee is assessed monthly at a rate of 0.0092 to 0.0167 percent (or, in other words, 0.11 to 0.20 percent divided by 12) on an account’s balance on the last business day of each month that both UESP and the New York Stock Exchange are open. The Administrative Asset Fee is waived for Utah residents invested in the Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund investment option.
  • UESP Administrative Mail Delivery Fee is $2 per $1,000 of an account balance and is capped at $12 per year. It is assessed on an account’s balance on the last business day of each month that both UESP and the New York Stock Exchange are open. The Administrative Mail Delivery Fee is waived for Utah residents. It is also waived for non-Utah residents who elect to view their quarterly account statements, Program Description, Program Description Supplements, newsletters, and all other UESP communications online rather than receiving them in the U.S. mail.

    From a monthly perspective, the fee breaks down as follows:

    • Account balances under $6,000. If the account balance is less than $6,000 at the end of a month, the fee will be 0.0167 percent of the account balance for that month.
    • Account balances of $6,000 or more. If an account balance at the end of a month is at least $6,000, the account will be charged a maximum of $1 for that month.