Other Information on Accounts

How can I check my UESP account balance?

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You may check your account balance online anytime. You just need to sign up for online Account Access. You can also call UESP toll-free at 800.418.2551 for general account information. In addition, you will receive quarterly account statements detailing account activity and balance information as of the quarter end.


Can I roll over or move funds from another 529 plan?

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Yes. You can roll over funds between 529 plans (i.e., move from another state’s 529 plan to UESP or vice versa) for the same beneficiary once per 12-month period. You can roll over funds between 529 programs anytime in connection with a beneficiary change.

To roll over funds to UESP, you must first open a UESP account. Then complete the Incoming Direct Rollover: 529 Plan or Coverdell ESA form and send it to UESP. UESP will send that form with a letter of acceptance to your current 529 plan. Contact your current plan to find out if you must complete any additional paperwork in order to complete the rollover to UESP.


What happens if I move from one state to another?

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You do not have to be a Utah resident or taxpayer to open or maintain a UESP account.