Utah Educational Savings Plan

Participation Info

How does the Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) work? From who can participate to the many ways you can contribute to a UESP college savings account, you'll find what you need to know here.

  • Who Can Participate

    Any U.S. citizen or resident alien who is at least 18 years old and has a valid U.S. Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number can open a UESP account. This means that parents, grandparents, other relatives, or friends can save through UESP. You can even open an account for yourself or your spouse. There are no age or income limits on who can invest money. Trusts and corporations can also open accounts. » Learn More

  • Ways to Contribute

    With college costs on the rise, you should begin planning for the future as early as possible. Saving now, even just a few dollars each month, can help make a college education more affordable for any child. To help you maximize your savings, we’ve outlined some options that may help. » Learn More

  • How Funds Can Be Used

    Funds in your UESP account can be used for qualified higher education expenses at any eligible educational institution, which generally includes any accredited public or private college, university, or technical school in the United States or abroad that participates in federal financial aid programs for students. » Learn More