Utah Educational Savings Plan

Limited Power of Attorney

Once your client opens a UESP account he or she may grant you limited power of attorney authorization. Depending on the level of authorization you’re granted by a UESP account owner/agent, limited power of attorney access allows you to:

  • Obtain your client's UESP account information online or by phone
  • Perform specific account transactions online or with the applicable form, including:
    • Contributions
    • Investment option changes
    • Transfers between accounts
    • Qualified withdrawals

Limited Power of Attorney Access Levels

The account access granted to you by your client is limited to the authority described below:

 Authorization Level Obtain Account Information Initiate Transactions Online or with Applicable Form
Contributions Investment Option Changes Transfers Between Accounts  Withdrawals
Level 1 Low
Online Only No No No No
Level 2 Medium
Online & Phone Yes Yes Yes No
Level 3 High
(Limited + Withdrawals)
Online & Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes—by form only1


Withdrawal checks may only be made payable to the account owner, the beneficiary, or an eligible educational institution. UESP will not issue checks to other parties.

Set up Limited Power of Attorney and Get Online Access

To obtain limited power of attorney access to a client’s UESP account, the following processes must be completed.

  • Complete and submit to UESP the Limited Power of Attorney Registration (form 700 or 800).

    After the form is processed by UESP, the entity and/or responsible person must follow the instructions sent in an activation email to complete setting up limited power of attorney online access at uesp.org. Your UESP POA Number may be viewed online after the email is sent.

  • Entities may complete and submit to UESP the Entity Limited Power of Attorney Signature Card (form 730) after receiving the UESP POA Number from UESP.
  • Your client must complete and submit to UESP the Limited Power of Attorney Authorization (form 710 or 810). The form must be notarized and mailed or faxed to UESP.