Utah Educational Savings Plan

Data Integration Solutions

Download account information regarding your clients’ UESP account with timely, accurate data from your preferred portfolio management software.

For details on aggregating UESP data or tracking UESP data with portfolio management software, please contact UESP’s Professional Services Team, a dedicated group of UESP specialists who provide enhanced support services for financial and accounting advisors. You may also contact the vendor directly by phone or via their website (see contact information for each in parentheses below).

Direct Connection to Portfolio Management Software

UESP’s data can be directly connected with the following portfolio management software:

Vendor Web Phone
Morningstar® Office corporate.morningstar.com 312.384.4000
PortfolioCenter® by Schwab Performance Technologies® schwabpt.com/providers/data/interfaces.asp 800.528.9595

Data Aggregators

The following data aggregators can pull your clients’ UESP data into your portfolio management software:

Vendor Web Phone
AqumulateSM aqumulate.com 888.623.7189, extension 2
ByAllAccounts® byallaccounts.com 781.376.0801, option 1
CashEdgeSM fiserv.com/about/brands/cashedge.aspx 212.478.6026

Back-Office Service Providers

The following back-office service providers support UESP data to help financial advisors with portfolio management, reconciliation, and other back-office needs:

Vendor Web Phone
AssetBook www.assetbook.com 301.387.3238
BAM Advisor Services bamadvisorservices.com 800.711.2027
Black Diamond Performance Reporting, LLC advent.com/blackdiamond 904.241.2444
Envestnet | Tamarac tamaracinc.com 866.525.8811
Interactive Advisory Software (IAS) www.iassoftware.com 877.572.6105
Orion Advisor Services orionadvisor.com 402.496.3513

UESP will continue to explore working with additional data aggregation and portfolio management software vendors. If you would like UESP to develop a relationship with your data vendor, please contact UESP's Professional Services Team.