Utah Educational Savings Plan

Save on Taxes & Fees

Tax-Free Earnings

While your Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) assets grow, you owe no federal or Utah state income taxes on the earnings. When your withdrawn funds are used for qualified higher education expenses, you pay no federal or Utah state income taxes on the earnings.

Fee-Free Savings

UESP offers 14 investment options. Utah taxpayers/residents who invest in the Utah Public Treasurers' Investment Fund investment option are not charged annual Administrative Asset or Mail Delivery Fees. For all investment options, if you are a Utah resident account owner, the annual Administrative Mail Delivery Fee is waived.

Initial investments or mandatory ongoing contributions are not required—so you can open your account with a zero balance and start saving when it’s right for you.

Low costs for Utah residents
Minimum Balance Requirement $0
Minimum Contribution Requirement $0
Enrollment Fee $0
Administrative Mail Delivery Fee $0
Asset Fees for the Public Treasurers' Investment Fund 0.00%*
Asset Fees for Age-Based and Static Investment Options 0.160%-0.224%
Asset Fees for Customized Investment Options** 0.200%-0.603%

*The underlying investment expense ratio for the Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund is 0.005 percent, which UESP pays in full. UESP reserves the right to discontinue or limit paying the underlying investment expense ratio on the Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund after giving notice to affected account holders.

**The underlying fund expense for the Customized Investment Options will vary, and thus the total annual asset-based fee will vary, based on the underlying investment allocation chosen by you. The low and the high fee range represent a full allocation in the least expensive and the most expensive underlying investments.