Utah Educational Savings Plan

Regents’ Scholarship and the Utah Educational Savings Plan

The Regents’ Scholarship encourages Utah high school students to prepare for college academically and financially by taking a core course of study and saving for college. The scholarship may be used at any public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as at Brigham Young University, LDS Business College, and Westminster College.

The Regents’ Scholarship is a tiered award system comprised of a Base Award, an Exemplary Academic Achievement Award, and a Utah Educational Savings Plan Supplemental Award.

This scholarship is awarded to students who complete the Utah Scholars Core Course of Study during high school grades 9–12. To receive this award:

  1. All required courses must appear on an official high school or college transcript. Courses taken in grades 7 and 8 do not satisfy scholarship requirements.
  2. All of the Regents’ Scholarship requirements must be completed by the date of the student’s high school graduation. For more details go to regentsscholarship.org.

Utah Educational Savings Plan Supplemental Award

A student who qualifies for the Regents’ Scholarship may receive a Utah Educational Savings Plan Supplemental Award of up to $400. The UESP Supplemental Award is based on yearly contributions to the student's Utah Educational Savings Plan account. To receive this award a student must:

  1. Meet the qualifications for a Regents’ Scholarship Award.
  2. Have a Utah Educational Savings Plan account with the student named as the beneficiary and showing annual contributions of $100 or more during the ages of 14, 15, 16, or 17.

To maximize the award, a contribution of $100 or more needs to be made during each year (year is based on birth date, not calendar). The supplemental award is not deposited in your UESP account but is added to the scholarship.

For more information about the Utah Regents’ Scholarship: