Utah Educational Savings Plan - About Us

Focused on College Savings

As a nonprofit 529 college savings plan, the Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) is dedicated to one purpose: helping you save for college. We want to keep your college savings between you, your beneficiary, and their college of choice. That’s why you’ll never need to pay an intermediary a commission to open or maintain a UESP account unless you make a financial arrangement with your financial advisor. It’s also why:

  • UESP’s fees are among the lowest of all 529 plans
  • There are no minimum or ongoing contribution requirements
  • Neither your name nor your beneficiary’s will ever be used to sell you any other financial products, such as retirement plans or insurance

By choosing to save for your future college expenses with UESP, you made it clear you wanted a plan focused solely on helping your college savings grow—with as little expense as possible. We won’t let you down by shifting that focus into other areas. For the life of your UESP account, you can count on UESP helping you save what you can for college, when you can.