Utah Educational Savings Plan - About Us

Plan Benefits

The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) offers college savers a collection of benefits that make saving for college simple and rewarding.

  • Tax Advantages

    UESP offers tax benefits that can help you get more out of your college savings. » Learn More

  • Low Fees

    Simplicity and a low-cost fee structure have helped UESP consistently rank among the best 529 college savings plans in the country. » Learn More

  • Flexibility

    Anyone age 18 years older can open a UESP 529 account. Parents can save for children, grandparents can save for grandchildren, and uncles and aunts can save for nieces and nephews. » Learn More

  • Simple & Easy

    Opening and contributing to a UESP account is simple. There are no enrollment fees, no minimum deposit requirements, and no ongoing contribution requirements. » Learn More

  • Focused on College Savings

    As a nonprofit 529 college savings plan, UESP is dedicated to one purpose: helping you save for college. » Learn More