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UESP — Utah's College Savings Plan

Who we are, how we came to be, and how a UESP college savings plan can benefit you.

  • Utah's 529 Plan

    The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) is a nonprofit 529 college savings plan. 529 plans are tax-advantaged savings vehicles designed to encourage individuals to begin to save for the future costs of higher education. You do not have to be a Utah resident to save with UESP. » Learn More

  • History & Mission

    The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) was established by the Utah State Legislature in 1996 as a nonprofit, tax-advantaged college savings program to help parents, grandparents, and other interested parties save for loved ones' future college expenses.
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  • Plan Benefits

    As a nonprofit 529 college savings plan, the Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) is dedicated to one purpose: helping you save for college. We want to keep your college savings between you, your beneficiary, and their college of choice. That’s why you’ll never need to pay an intermediary a commission to open or maintain a UESP account. » Learn More

  • Contact Us

    For more information about UESP, please contact us. » Learn More