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  • Morningstar, Inc., gives UESP a Gold Rating for 2015


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  • Allan Roth

    “Every year, I evaluate each state and pick my top five 529 plans. . . . I chose Utah as the best.” — Allan Roth, Financial Advisor,, March 2014

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  • Clark Howard

    “First among equals is Utah, the nation's finest 529.” — Clark Howard,
    “Best 529 Plans to Help Pay for College,”, February 2015

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  • Randy B.

    “UESP has very low administrative costs, which means more of your money can go into your child’s savings.” — Randy B., UESP Account Owner, 2013

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  • Alicia G.

    “UESP is easy to use—that's
    one of the main reasons I like it.” — Alicia G., UESP Account Owner, 2013

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Why save for college with UESP?

  1. Tax advantages:

    Earnings grow tax deferred and Utah taxpayers get a tax benefit. » Learn More

  2. Flexibility:

    Account owners control account funds, and if circumstances change, you still have options.
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  3. Simple & easy:

    Creating an account takes minutes, and we help make starting to save easy with automated options like payroll and regular contributions.
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  4. Low fees:

    UESP is nationally recognized as a low-fee 529 plan. » Learn More